On 14th October, 2023, the Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai successfully held the School Opening and Harrow Seal Conferment Ceremony. In conjunction with the ceremony, the ceremony has brought together performances by the world’s top musicians such as the Vienna Boys’ Choir, students performances and traditional Chinese Lion dance. The event received extensive coverage from top national media outlets, including People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency. It was met with great anticipation from leaders and parents from all walks of life.

Ms Debra Price, the Director of HISL Oversight of AISL Harrow Schools, made a special visit from the UK to attend the ceremony. Witnessed by parents, together with local dignitaries and AISL’s Founder Mr Daniel Chiu, Chairman Dr Rosanna Wong, they presented commemorative plaques and Harrow Seals to the Founding School Head Dr John Tan. It symbolises the school’s commitment to furthering ‘Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership’ in the Greater Bay Area.

By harnessing world-class music education resources, creating opportunities for students to exchange and perform, and collaborating with multiple AISL Harrow campuses in the Greater Bay Area, the school aims to cultivate music talents with a blend of local cultural awareness and international perspectives. During the ceremony, the AISL Harrow Choir, composed of members from our school, Harrow International School Shenzhen Qianhai and Harrow LiDe School Hengqin, mesmerised the audience as they unveiled the new AISL Harrow School Song – ‘Values of Life’.

Thank you to all the parents, faculty members and students for joining us in celebrating the first milestone of the school. Wearing the Harrow Hats up high, our students have embraced their new identity as Harrovians at the Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai, we eagerly anticipate many more achievements and celebrations.