In addition to the regular curriculum, the school offers a unique ‘Super Curriculum’ to enhance students’ academic abilities, broaden their horizons and stimulate their curiosity. The ‘Super-Curriculum’ is designed to enhance students’ academic skills beyond the examination courses through a variety of activities.

Through clubs and societies, guest speakers, debate and public speaking competitions, students are encouraged to wrestle with challenging problems; they are encouraged to apply their knowledge to new and testing situations. They learn to communicate, solve problems, and think critically and creatively.

We particularly emphasised our STEAM Super Curriculum offerings. There are a range of exciting activities and facilities aiming to enhance students’ critical thinking skills, confidence, collaboration skills and problem-solving that allow them to explore the world of art, science, technology, engineering and Maths. The school is equipped with top-notch technology equipment, such as flight simulators, to familiarise students with technological equipment. Jobs in the various sectors of STEAM are increasing at a rapid speed globally, and we must prepare our students for these fields of work.

These skills will not only add extra credit to a university application, but also pose life-long value to students. Through these Super-Curriculum opportunities, students become well-rounded, confident, active, and engaged – in the classroom and beyond.