Primary School (Grade 1-6) 

Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai offers a rigorous and engaging primary school curriculum designed to develop the skills, knowledge, and character of our students.  

We believe that a well-rounded education is essential for nurturing students who are equipped to excel in the ever-changing global landscape. To achieve this, our curriculum comprises the following core subjects: 

1. Chinese Language Education  
2. English Language Education  
3. Mathematics Education 
4. Science Education 
5. Technology Education 
6. Personal, Social, and Humanities Education 
7. Arts Education 
8. Physical Education 

Our Chinese and English Language Education programmes are designed to foster strong communication skills and develop a deep appreciation for literature, while our Mathematics and Science Education programmes build a solid foundation in logical thinking and problem-solving. Technology Education encourages students to explore the world of coding and robotics, preparing them to be innovative leaders in the digital age. Personal, Social, and Humanities Education enables students to develop a strong sense of self, empathy for others, and an understanding of the rich cultural and historical tapestry of Hong Kong and the world. Arts Education nurtures creativity and self-expression through visual, musical, and performing arts, and Physical Education promotes a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  All the course study and learning experience design will open many doors for effectively developing biliterate-trilingual on the students’ end.  

Personalised Learning

Start with the child’s strengths to conquer language challenges 
Chinese teachers mainly teach in Putonghua, but for students whose native language is Cantonese but whose Putonghua is weak, teachers and teaching assistants who can communicate in Cantonese will allow students to communicate in Cantonese when they have difficulty, and guide them to use their mother tongue to learn Putonghua well.

Students will have a period of Chinese Language class in Cantonese each week, with exposure to listening and speaking Cantonese as the main objective. Hence, students’ language diversity among themselves becomes their mutual learning resource.

Cater for learner diversity with differentiated learning strategies instead of streamed classes 
Within the same class, heterogenous grouping is employed when necessary to help students attain learning objectives. There will be no streaming of classes because such practice causes much negative labelling and is not employed as a method to cater for learner diversity. Instead, strategies like differentiated objectives, differentiated learning tasks, differentiated assessments and subject-based acceleration are adopted. 

Subject-based acceleration 
We have subject-based acceleration intervention to support our students’ growth and talent development in various subjects throughout our primary and secondary curriculum, including Chinese, English, Mathematics, Social Science, and ICT, etc. This not only enables the advanced academic development, but also allows social interactions between students from different grades.  

All primary school students at our school have ample opportunities to explore the rich learning experiences offered by the school, and are well prepared academically and socially to transition to senior forms and gain entry to the very best universities globally. This approach ensures that students benefit from a world-class education that blends academic excellence with preparation for life and leadership.