House System

The core of Harrow’s campus life

The House system is one of the most iconic features of a Harrow education, and one of the centrepieces of the school’s cultural heritage and the success it has achieved. As with Harrow Schools in the UK, from the moment they enter the campus, students are admitted to a House as a way of fostering a sense of honour and belonging, so that they will always strive to uphold the reputation of their House. Each House has a distinctive name, exclusive representative colours, flags and costumes. This system provides students with a personalised learning environment in which the staff will have a very detailed knowledge of the students for whom they should be responsible.

Strong links and mutual support within each House shape the House’s unique character. The Housemasters and tutors know each member of the House in detail and support them academically, in their lives and in their personal development. As a result, students are provided with the most impartial assessment and effective guidance if they encounter problems in their lives and studies.

The House provides students with a small community that is more closely connected to the school, and extends the range of activities and support available to students. College activities often include sports days, charity events, dance competitions, music competitions, athletic contests, and a wide range of activities that foster a positive spirit of play and a sense of honour.

Links between students, teachers, peers, home and school

Both day and boarding students are admitted to the House. The Houses create a “small school” atmosphere within the larger school structure. The House system enables close personal counselling and serves as a link between home and school, which is at the heart of Harrow’s philosophy.

Harvesting friendships across grades and classes

Integrating students from different years and classes into the House is a key strength of the House system. It creates a ‘family’ atmosphere for the students, where senior students are responsible for looking after and caring for junior students, setting an example for them and instilling in them a sense of social responsibility.