Being a boarder is the most authentic way to experience Harrow’s holistic education. Boarding in Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai mirrors the prestigious boarding offerings at Harrow School in the UK. The Harrow Boarding is a life-changing learning experience that allows students to benefit in many facets, from being part of a community, learning to live alongside others, and to having world-class facilities and all-rounded resources right on their doorstep.

By residing in an environment imbued with the Harrow core values and creating a close-knit, home-like community, boarders have all the resources to grow into an all-rounded individual who excels inside and outside of the classroom.

Benefits of Boarding:

Structured and Effective Schedule

Having a structured and effective schedule is critical to students’ development.

Boarders follow a fixed routine and electronic device policy to ensure time is spent wisely. The comprehensive schedule throughout the week helps maximise the learning outcome for boarders.

Our boarding also provides a focused prep time each evening where students are given support and guidance with their homework and revision in a more structured manner.

Strong Support Network

Each Boarding House has a House Master or Mistress and designated House Parents to create a safe, caring home-away-from-home environment. Dedicated support and guidance from academic tutors are readily available, even during the evenings.

In addition, boarders are subjected to comprehensive progress tracking that includes academic, social, physical, emotional and psychological areas to put parents’ minds at rest.

Personal Development

Living away from home at a young age can foster personal growth and resilience.   

With the help of our boarding staff, boarders learn to develop life skills and time management skills. Boarders are also exposed to leadership opportunities such as mentoring younger peers and taking up leading roles etc. 

Our boarders are prepared with the skills that are valuable to thrive at university and beyond. 

Fast Track Multi-Language Learning

Boarders reside in an immersive learning environment where English, Cantonese and Putonghua are the main languages of communication. Especially, the dedicated EAL Programme caters to boarders’ specific needs, providing customised support to excel in their English learning.  

Lifelong Friendship

The Boarding House is a supportive and inclusive environment that encourages collaboration, teamwork, and mutual respect.

Boarders can build friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, cultures and nationalities to cultivate social skills and a global perspective while sharing the joys and tribulations of school life with their friends.

Full Access to the School’s Facilities

Boarders have full access to the school’s cutting-edge facilities and world-class resources. A wide range of co-curricular activities such as pole, chess, swimming, music practices, jazz band and many more are made available for students at all time.

Learn more about our Boarding House:

Our boarding house offers a range of boarding options, including Single, Double and Triple rooms, and the rooms are randomly assigned to our boarders. With multiple allocation opportunities throughout the academic year, students get to reside in different dormitory rooms throughout the year and get to establish friendships with other boarders.

The various types of dormitory rooms pose a different focus in terms of social learning. For single-room boarders, the biggest learning challenge would be to develop their self-discipline. On the other hand, boarders residing in double or triple rooms would get to learn how to respect the lifestyles of others, support each other and solve problems collectively. Triple-room boarders have the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the shared bathroom arrangement, which is common in university accommodations worldwide.

For more information about boarding at Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai, please contact our Admissions Team.