Kindergarten (Pre-K to K3)

The Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai (HHKCS) Kindergarten Section envisions to be our children’s second home. A place where our children grow, as they discover their deeper self, make friends, and build their own community.

The Kindergarten section of Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai (HHKCS) provides an exceptional learning experience for children aged 2 to 6 years of age. Research shows that this important stage of a child’s development needs high-quality provision to fully optimise the potential for learning and development. We ensure each child’s experience fosters and enables the necessary skills and attributes in preparation for a life of service, leadership, and responsibility, with a strong cultural identity and heritage.

At our Kindergarten section children will benefit from a personalized early years’ curriculum that incorporates the core Harrow values of courage, humility, fellowship, and honour. It draws strengths from the AISL Harrow Little Lions Curriculum (AHLLC), which is specifically designed for all AISL Harrow Schools and draws from the very best elements, examples, and experiences of international kindergarten curricula, including Hong Kong Kindergarten curriculum that aligns with the Hong Kong EDB relevant education regulations and guidelines.

The learning domains and learning disciplines are: 

What makes Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai unique: 

Biliterate and Trilingual:

Our curriculum is mapped to the Hong Kong Kindergarten Curriculum to ensure that our children are equipped and prepared to start their journey in primary school under the Hong Kong Curriculum.

Alignment to Hong Kong Education:

Our program is designed for our children to successfully continue their journey in Hong Kong education. The HHKCS Little Lions curriculum is therefore carefully mapped to foster a balanced development in the domains of both the HLL and the HK Kindergarten Curriculum.

Connection to the real world:

One of the aims of our kindergarten is nurture our children to be successful leaders of the future. Therefore exposure to the real world begins in early childhood. These exposures are based on their classroom learning and the interests from their inquiry.

Personalized learning:

In our curriculum​, all classes are staffed with three teachers and one life skill teacher. This enables our teachers to pay closer attention to all our children and hence personalize their learning based on how they learn.

Home-School Collaboration:

We value the voice of our families and we work with them in partnership in educating our children. Our Friends of Harrow class representatives work very closely with the school to ensure that our children receive the best quality care and education.

Based on the Harrow Little Lions curriculum framework and Hong Kong Kindergarten Curriculum, the HHKCS Kindergarten section offers a broad and well-balanced curriculum from Pre-K to K3.  

  • Pre-K: 2 – 3 years 
  • K1: 2 years 8 months to 4 years old 
  • K2: 3 years 8 months to 5 years old 
  • K3: 4 years 8 months to 6 years old 

Together with our blended approach, we offer a child-centered, play-driven early years provision with a strong focus on inquiry-based learning. The ‘play-driven’ approach highlights our aspiration in nurturing our children to make real and authentic connections to the world around them.

Curiosity is the key to learning that is centered in our approach. Our students are encouraged to learn through active involvement with their environment and strong to reach their full potential while acquiring knowledge. We foster creativity and teamwork, ensuring that all our younger learners achieve holistic and well-rounded personal development, applying their learning to their daily lives. 

Our HHKCS Kindergarten section provides:

  • A state-of-art learning environment, which is expertly designed based on both Harrow traditions and the latest educational and technological thinking. 
  • Large classrooms,
  • Extensive sports facilities
  • Creative arts spaces, 
  • Welcoming campus environments that promote personal, social, and emotional development. 
  • Catering and transportation services
  • On-campus designated clinic staffed by qualified nurses.