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At Harrow Hong Kong Children School, Kindergarten children benefit from a multi-faceted AISL Harrow designed curriculum purposefully tailored for our youngest learners in the trilingual context. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 9 follow the Hong Kong curriculum, fully integrating the unique culture of the Greater Bay Area. Within Grades 10 to 12, students from 2026 onwards can opt for either the DSE or IB pathway. Academic excellence delivered through outstanding teaching will see departing students go on to the most competitive higher institutions across the globe.

In recent years, Hong Kong universities have risen to become some of the most prestigious educational institutions in Asia, and well beyond. For example, the University of Hong Kong is ranked 21st in the QS World University Rankings 2023, the Chinese University of Hong Kong is ranked 38th, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is also listed within the Top 40. In terms of subject specialisms, the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong (placed 2nd globally), and the MBA course of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology were among the top-ranked in the world. To meet the rising demand by families in the Greater Bay Area for admission into prestigious universities in Hong Kong and further afield, the School offers an exciting top-tier option for a K-12 Hong Kong education within the thriving, dynamic and increasingly influential area of Qianhai.


The proven reputation of AISL Harrow Schools ensures the recruitment of the very best teachers and leaders. Candidates undergo several rounds of interviews (including lesson demonstration), alongside rigorous assessments and background checks. The Board members of Harrow School in the UK are centrally involved in the selection process for School Heads. As with other AISL Harrow Schools, the School will benefit from the comprehensive AISL Harrow quality assurance programme – delivered in partnership with Harrow School, London – established to secure and maintain the highest standard of education. This comprises a review visit to each school twice annually to evaluate performance within the Harrow Standards framework, supporting the School in its continued development and reinforcing the impact of the education it provides. Furthermore, the School is committed to the external British School Overseas inspection process which is designed and ratified by the UK Government’s Department for Education. These quality assurance mechanisms ensure that AISL Harrow and the School offer a truly world-class education.

The leaders and teachers of the School are selected with particular emphasis on their experience of the Hong Kong curriculum, DSE and the IB Diploma. Dr John Tan, the founding Head, has many years of experience as an expert leader of Band-1 schools in Hong Kong and played a pivotal role in the design of the HKDSE curriculum for the Hong Kong Education Bureau. The staff body boasts diverse teaching experience in Hong Kong, mainland China and other countries. All of our teachers, most of whom have taught in Hong Kong schools, are teacher-trained and many hold postgraduate qualifications, including master degrees.


The Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area is a region synonymous with innovation and diversity. With this in mind, the school is committed to nurturing students with a global vision, a spirit to excel, and the required skills to lead those around them. Our wide range of interdisciplinary programmes that integrate STEAM and innovative learning help our students hone their critical thinking skills, gain knowledge, and explore their interests while developing a versatile, competitive edge that equips them for the future as influential and successful past Harrovians.


Harrow Hong Kong Children School is strongly committed to ensuring that every student will become bi-literate and trilingual with proficiency in Mandarin, English and Cantonese. With exceptional language skills, the School’s students and alumni will be able to embrace and directly influence the diverse and multicultural environments of the Greater Bay Area and beyond, thus broadening their knowledge and horizons. In the future, such cultural and language fluency will be an invaluable asset, enabling alumni to thrive personally and professionally whilst building important connections across the full Greater Bay Area and in the world.


As with every AISL Harrow School, the School maintains a close relationship with, and embodies the time-honoured heritage of, Harrow School in London. Our commitment to holistic education is centred upon our core values of Courage, Honour, Humility, and Fellowship. Intertwined with academic excellence, the school emphasises the fostering of important lifelong values and leadership skills that will provide the School’s students with the attributes required to live a purposeful and influential life, driving them to translate their kindness and talents into good deeds that make the world a better place for those around them.


An individualised approach to planning and delivery ensures that each student will reach their full potential. Through the well-proven House System and the pastoral care frameworks adopted from Harrow School, International Harrovians will thrive in a ‘student-centric’ learning environment. From the start of their journey at the School, every student will have a personalised development plan involving the scientific assessment of their learning and progression, and a close partnership with parents. The central purpose is to facilitate teachers to understand every student’s unique needs, thus providing an individualised journey to success for every child as they develop throughout the stages of the school.


A quality education imparts students with both measurable academic skills as well as all-important ‘soft skills’, alongside values that benefit them in their studies and personal life. Outside the classroom, students at the School participate within a vast Co-Curricular Activities Programme in STEAM, sports, art, charity work, natural exploration, and many other inspiring pursuits. They are afforded extraordinary opportunities to expand their knowledge and to develop their character through experiences that both challenge and reward them.