The newest member of AISL Harrow Schools – Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai was officially unveiled at its highly-anticipated online launch event on 7 January 2023.

The live stream was viewed by over 10,000 parents. They came up with numerous questions with great interest about the new school. Founding School Head and AISL Education Group representatives expressed their hopes and wishes for the new school at the event. The School Head of Harrow School in the UK also sent his best wishes for the momentous occasion. Nearly 20 AISL Harrow students, alumni and parents shared their belief in AISL Harrow Schools and what they love about them.

“The AISL Education Group pays close attention to the rapid development of the Greater Bay Area. The new school will play a special role as Hong Kong’s ties with the region grow stronger.” Dr Rosanna Wong, Chairman of AISL Education Group, said during the event.

Harrow Hong Kong Children School Shenzhen Qianhai will open its doors in September 2023, offering the Hong Kong curriculum and various education pathways including DSE and IB. It will cater to residents of Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan province, foreigners, and overseas Chinese and returnees (who work and live in the Qianhai Cooperation Zone) with children aged 2 -18 years.

The new school carries a unique DNA and mission –– to foster future leaders in the Greater Bay Area by capturing the essence of the Hong Kong curriculum and harnessing the power of technology. Together with AISL Harrow Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Zhuhai, it offers diverse options for further education to families in the GBA. Not only does the new school carry on the vision of AISL, “Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership”, it also witnesses the group reaching another milestone in committing to cultivating internationalized talents for GBA and to boosting the construction development of Qianhai.

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